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The IS1000 is the latest version of the Intelligence System. A 30-day free trial of the IS1000 is available to the public. Try the IS1000 and see for yourself why it is a mainstay tool of IT professionals worldwide.
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Not sure where to start? Download and view videos in this zip file to gain an understanding of IS1000 fundamentals.
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Basic Interaction
This video demonstrates basic interaction and deduction in the Intelligence System. If you are wondering where to begin, view this video to learn how agents are designed.
This video demonstrates how to write and use scripts in the Intelligence System.
This video demonstrates how to use wildcards in the Intelligence System.
Interface Elements
This video demonstrates how to use Condition Cases, Radios, CheckBoxes, and Input Boxes in the Intelligence System.
Event Handlers
This video demonstrates how to use Event Handlers in the Intelligence System.
Timed Actions
This video demonstrates how to use Timed Actions in the Intelligence System.
Neural Networks
This video demonstrates how to use Neural Networks in the Intelligence System.
Timeouts and Respond for Client
This video demonstrates how to use Timeouts and Respond for Client capabilities in the Intelligence System.

IS1000 is here.

After years in development, the newest version of the Intelligence System has been tried, tested in production environments, and made available to the public.

Development Glue

Imagine you have a routine process you complete on your computer. First, you have to run a command, then a PowerShell script, then read a file, then take some of that information and look up a web page, then interact with the user, then run a C# or VB.Net script. Your process is hard to automate because it involves so many unique types of tasks.

The Intelligence System provides a way to turn your handful of scripts and miscellaneous items into one cohesive agent that can be bound and redistributed, and it comes with a series of easy-to-use features and tools. The latest version of The Intelligence System, the IS1000, quadruples development language availability by allowing PowerShell, Batch, C#, and VB.Net to be interpreted and communicate with each other in tandem. Whether you are a Sofware Engineer, Web Developer, System Administrator, or Tech Support Representative, the Intelligence System is the information technology professional's must-have tool for computer process automation.

I.S. and I.T. Master Tool

The Intelligence System can be used to create interactive and intelligent agents, automate common tasks, and develop general software. As a professional tool, the Intelligence System contains so many features that what a person uses the Intelligence System for is determined largely by their role and responsibilities. Some roles and correlated uses are:

System administrators love the Intelligence System for its ability to run Batch commands, interact with PowerShell, and run in a WinPE environment. Tasks such as domain joining, wizard and installation creation, batch updating and software installation, and computer backups can all be automated.

Tech support loves the Intelligence System because it can automate call scripting and troubleshooting, computer imaging and prepping, new employee setups, and more.

Software engineers love the Intelligence System because it can perform live compilation of VB.Net and C# scripts as well as complete WinForm programs; has built-in nesting, voice synthesis and recognition, recursion, asynchronous commands, sockets, redistribution binding, timers, and event handlers.

Artificial intelligence and Automation engineers love the Intelligence System because it serves as development glue and includes built-in interfaces (button pads, interaction windows, inputs, and breadcrumbs, etc.), advanced input parsing, and a visual flow control and can create interactive agents, expert systems, and neural networks.

Web developers love the Intelligence System for its ability to quickly generate web component chat bots and flowchart diagrams.

Enthusiasts love the Intelligence System because it is fun and lightweight.


The Intelligence System includes many features that simplify otherwise complex development. From the ability to run multiple languages in tandem to voice support, asynchronous operations, and built-in interfaces, the IS1000 makes it possible to make interactive programs quickly and easily. Some of the more notable features of the Intelligence System are included below.

Visual interface

First-and-foremost, the visual interface of the Intelligence System makes development intuitive. Using the multi-colored symbols of the main designer window, agents can be created similar to flowcharts. Traversing large codebases is much simpler because the flow of the agent can be seen rather than read.

Custom Wildcards

Wildcards add flexibility to agents. In addition to recognizing the standard * wildcard, agents created using the IS1000 are capable of interpreting C# scripts that process inputs and determine whether or not to activate a wildcard. Custom wildcards make it possible to process regex, classify inputs, compare inputs against system variables, and more.

Global Variables

Every action that an Intelligence System agent performs is done so in isolation. Every action can be thought of as a black box that can receive inputs and save outputs. User variables were added to the Intelligence System to provide a way to send information from action-to-action and node-to-node.

Multiple Languages

The IS1000 is not only capable of supporting C#, VB.Net, PowerShell, and Batch scripts, it is capable of doing so in tandem. Scripts in any of the aforementioned languages can be ran at any point. Additionally, scripts can be ran one after another or at the same time. In fact, because of its enhanced design, the IS1000 can even run multiple instances of each script.

Voice Features

Voice Recognition can be achieved with the click of a button in The Intelligence System, and Voice Synthesis is as simple as typing in the desired text. With a little coding, it is even possible to create an Intelligence System agent that automates call systems.

Web Components

While the full array of commands in the Intelligence System is only available with platform agents, conversational components can be used to create chat bots with ease using the newest web component generator (still in beta). It is also possible to generate a flowchart website of your agent's design window with one click.

UDP sockets

Network communications can be achieved easily using UDP actions to send and receive socket messages.

Positive Filtration

Conversational positive filtration can be achieved using the Condition Casing module of the Intelligence System. With Condition Casing, a checkbox list will appear to the user, and selections will be processed using predefined cases. An example of positive filtration would be finding all numbers in a given set that are odd, more than 10, and at the same time prime numbers; another example would be to find all meals that contain pork, do not include pepper, and cook in less than 30 minutes.

Neural Networks

Artificial neural networks can be created, modified, trained, and interpreted using inputs in the IS1000. Neural networks can be predefined using the Neural Network module or managed dynamically using actions.

Event Handlers

Event Handlers in the Intelligence System can be configured to run specified actions when certain conditions are true. When activated, the Event Handler engine will scan agent variables once per second to see if value match; if they do, the Intelligence System will activate associated actions.

Timed Actions

Timed Actions have been added to the IS1000 to provide a mechanism for routine action calls. Timed Actions can be set to run every specified number of milliseconds and editted anywhere in the system.

And More...

The IS1000 includes many additional features such as baked-in deduction, autosaves, edit passwords, built-in asynchronous action support, interfaces (input and password boxes, radios, checkboxes, breadcrumbs, number pad, etc.), and royalty free redistributable agent binding so you can give away or sell the agents you create.